Work themes for 2018

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“Working for today – preparing for the future”

At their Annual General Meeting organised in the margins of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in September 2017, members and observers in the Common Thread Network discussed the programme of activities of the Network in 2018.

The Network agreed to work towards the following themes:

Reinforcing the Network ties

  • Conceptualisation and organisation of the first CTN conference
  • Finalisation of the work on Pillars
  • Review of the Network’s Terms of Reference
  • Collective coverage of the International Data Privacy Day

Global cooperation and positioning

  • Continue building strong ties with the Commonwealth Secretariat to contribute to the debate on cybersecurity and the development of privacy frameworks within Commonwealth nations and territories
  • Continue the Network’s outreach activities, notably with India and other Commonwealth nations and territories which are developing their data protection and privacy framework
  • Contribute to the larger dialogue with other networks, through the GPEN Network of Networks’ initiative, to enhance data protection and privacy standards across the globe
  • Respond to the ICDPPC consultation on the Future of the International Conference

Exchange of knowledge

  • Organisation of rebranded Quarterly Calls
  • Expand CTN online presence by developing a Knowledge Base section on the CTN website

These themes were adopted at the CTN Quarterly Call on 13 December 2017