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Country or territory: Isle of Man
Organisation: Isle of Man Information Commissioner
Location/address: 1st Floor
Prospect House
Prospect Hill Douglas
Isle of Man
Primary contact: Tel: +44 1624 693260
Number of staff: 4
Year established: 1986
Founding Act or Law: The Data Protection Act 2002, previously the Data Protection Act 1986.
Online profile (website, social media, etc.): Website:
Social media: LinkedIn
General description of activities:
  • Data protection & unsolicited communications regulator
  • Freedom of information arbitrator
General description of enforcement actions (powers of investigation, inspection and/or sanction):
  • Powers to carry out investigations to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 2002, issuing of Information or Enforcement Notices and Court Proceedings
  • May only audit on request
  • No power to fine or award compensation
Number of decisions, opinions, recommendations in previous year: 31 formal data protection/unsolicited communications assessments – 19 breaches identified.
Significant decisions, opinions or recommendations: 4 Enforcement notices currently in force in respect of compliance with subject access requests, fair processing notices connected with the use of external CCTV on buses, use of email addresses obtained for direct marketing.

Co-proposer of Madrid Resolution.