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Country or territory: Yukon, Canada
Organisation: Office of the Yukon Ombudsman, Information and Privacy Commissioner, and Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner
Location/address: Suite 201
211 Hawkins Street
Yukon  Y1A 1X3
Primary contact: Tel: 867-667-8468
Number of staff: 6
Year established: 1996
Founding Act or Law: Ombudsman Act, RSY 2002, c.163 and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSY 2002, C.1 (ATIPP Act)
Online profile (website, social media, etc.): Website:
General description of activities: Yukon’s Information and Privacy Commissioner monitors public bodies’ compliance with the ATIPP Act.  Investigates complaints and adjudicates requests for review. Carries out compliance review activities, such as privacy impact assessment, security breaches, policy review.  Conducts awareness activities, such as workshops and outreach for the public.  Prepares proactive compliance guidance materials for public bodies.

Similar responsibilities under the Health Information and Management Act, SY 2013, C.16 (passed but not proclaimed in force)(HIPMA) expands the Yukon’s Information and Privacy Commissioner’s jurisdiction for oversight to private sector health care providers. This law has mandatory breach reporting.  Adjudicative authority for all complaints.  Broad offence provisions with prosecution by Crown.

General description of enforcement actions (powers of investigation, inspection and/or sanction): Under the ATIPP Act and the HIMPA, powers akin to a court for conduct of adjudicative hearings.  Power to compel production of documents and witnesses.

Authority to make findings of fact and law during adjudication.  Remedial power is limited to recommendations.

Number of decisions, opinions, recommendations in previous year: Five.  Combination of adjudications and investigations.
Significant decisions, opinions or recommendations: Yukon’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has no own-motion power.  Therefore, all investigations and reviews are complaint driven.  No special reports have been issued to date.