Bermuda adopts Informational Privacy Legislation

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18 August 2016

A new Act to protect the personal information of Bermuda residents – The Personal Information Protection Act 2016 (PIPA) –  was adopted on 18 August 2016 after having received Royal Assent on 27 July 2016. It provides Bermuda’s residents with a general right to privacy for personal information, which is based on a common set of international privacy principles. The PIPA applies to all organisations, including businesses and the Government, that use personal information in Bermuda.

An independent Privacy Commissioner will be appointed to ensure compliance and that the purposes of the PIPA are being achieved. The PIPA will not come into force for a period of approximately two years in order that organisations have time to prepare for its implementation. It is expected that the Privacy Commissioner will assist in providing information and education to both organisations and the public, particularly during this interim period.

Further information is available on the Government of Bermuda website: