Data Privacy Day across the Common Thread Network

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26 January 2017

On Saturday 28 January, data protection and privacy authorities from across the globe will be celebrating Data Privacy Day, or Data Protection Day if you are based in Europe. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of people’s data protection and privacy rights; both with individuals themselves and with organisations and businesses that handle personal information.

One of the key objectives of the Common Thread Network (CTN), which groups Data Protection Authorities from more than 20 Commonwealth states and territories, is to continuously raise awareness among organisations about the importance and their responsibility in taking care of people’s information and to enable individuals to exercise their data protection and privacy rights more effectively. As such, members will be supporting Data Privacy Day with their own activities and events on Saturday and throughout this week:

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Thursday 26 January 2017

  • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) will be releasing their public opinion survey of Canadians on their website. The survey will help the OPC better gauge Canadians’ understanding and awareness of privacy issues.
  •  The Director General for Communications at the OPC, Anne-Marie Hayden, will organise a ‘Privacy After Hours’ evening event in Ottawa for privacy professionals and those interested in privacy issues.

Friday 27 January 2017

  • Staff from the Data Protection Commission (DPC) for Ghana will be handing out flyers throughout the country. They will offer information about best practice for organisations handling data and tips about how to keep data safe for members of the public.
  • The DPC will be issuing a press release about the day and their activities.
  • The Information Commissioner for the Isle of Man is attending the annual Manx State of the Nation Conference to talk further about the European General Data Protection Regulation. He will be announcing the “Getting ready for GDPR” conference that his office will be holding on 10th May.
  • The UK Information Commissioner will be issuing statements aimed at members of the public to help them take control of their own data privacy.

Saturday 28 January

  • The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority will be setting up a stall in the town centre during the day. They will be engaging with the public to raise awareness of data protection and privacy issues so they can exercise their rights more effectively.
  • The Data Protection offices of the Channel Islands are planning to publish a GDPR briefing paper. They will also be delivering messages across the Jersey and Guernsey media throughout the day to raise awareness of GDPR within small and medium enterprises.
  • The Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Nova Scotia will be discussing the results of two informal surveys on video surveillance they conducted in the province. An editorial will be published, which will be followed by the release of some guidance tools on the use of video surveillance.

All members taking part will also be very active on social media throughout the week.